The 2015 album "Step Out Of The Haze"

How to buy Bren’s music

“Step Out Of The Haze” (2015) & “Set Free” (2014)
available on Digital Download.


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Download “Step Out Of The Haze” from:
iTUNES, Google Play, Amazon and most major online distributors.
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Track List:
Distant Lights
Something New
Song Number 2
To The Moon & Back
And You Know
Step Out Of The Haze


All Songs/Music/Lyrics written by and Copyright: Bren (Brendan) Haze
All Guitars/Vocals: Bren Haze
Arrangements: Bren Haze (with input from Nick)
Bass/Piano/Strings/Percussion – Nick Beere (with input from Bren)
* Justin Macreadie initial vocal idea on the Verses of “Real”

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Mooncalf Studio March 2015
by the talented: Nick Beere

Album art & design concept: Bren Haze ¦ Album art & design production:
Album Photos: Front & Back Cover, Inside Left: Kirsty Pye ¦ Inside Right & CD (Nushka photo): Amy & Nikki Gill
CD (Bren & Nushka): Spirit Photography ¦ Haze & Bren Haze Logo’s copyright Brendan Haze


You can still purchase the CD version above.


Track List:
1. Let Her Go
2. Snow Globe
3. Faith
4. Set Free
5. Kings and Queens
6. Inside Me
7. One Year From Now
8. Push Away
9. BONUS TRACK: Blanket Of Love (remix)
10. BONUS TRACK: Shining Like The Sun (remix)
11. BONUS TRACK: Weil Lieben (remix)
12. BONUS TRACK: What Will Be (remix)

Bren Haze – All guitars, Vocals, Orchestral Arrangements (with Nick) and Song Arrangements
Nick Beere – Production, Bass, Piano, Keys, Drums, Strings, Orchestral Arrangements (with Bren)
Nushka Dog – For being my rock
Mixed & Mastered at Mooncalf Studio
All songs written by and copyright Brendan Haze
All songs recorded at Mooncalf Studio


Album Design: Fal Carmichael
Album Photos:
Puttyfoot Photography – Front (right B&W), Back (top left/right guitars, bottom left Bren smile).
Mike Davis Photography – Back (Centre Bren Vocals & Bottom Bren Guitar BBC Shoot)
Spirit Photography – Front (Centre, Bren with green Ibanez)
Logo’s copyright Brendan Haze