DEBUT ALBUM CONFIRMED! Recording starts 3rd February!!!

Exciting news people!

On the 3rd February I go into Mooncalf Studio’s for 2 weeks solid to start recording my debut album with Producer Nick Beere (Justin Hawkins – The Darkness).

I have worked with Nick in the past on a few projects:
Shining Like The Sun : My very 1st Acoustic Solo venture in 2010
Apocalypse¬†: My last band ‘The Unforeseen’
Special US Demo : One of my very 1st bands! ‘Live–Wire’

So I am naturally excited to be working with him again on my first real Bren album!
I will be taking 8 specific guitars to use/record with alongside my main 3 trusty amps as well as Nick’s Aladdin’s cave of sounds and equipment.

I’ll attempt a video diary or at least a few clips and photos to share with you all as it progresses over the 2 weeks, so stay tuned to my Facebook Page for that!

Thank you again for your support

Bren :-)

Bren Step Out Of The Haze

Photo copy-write Puttyfoot / Darren & Lisa Celeman.