BBC Live Set Aired :)

Well I had just under 100 people I know of who listened along with me from my Facebook to my BBC ickle Set being aired.
So thank you I was really touched. My phone was lighting up like a x-mas tree & I was very happy with how Faith and Snow Globe sounded live.
Thank you for so much support in my journey back to the music and the guitar again.. I take nothing for granted!!!

You can see the photo’s by clicking Mike Davis Photography here:

As you know I’m hard at it (in the studio! giggle) on my new album. Maybe my birthday I am very excited about how it is all shaping up! I never thought 8 months ago I’d be back in England, playing guitar again and recording an album and performing for the BBC.

I want to produce the best album, best live set and best performance we can give each songs. Stay tuned! You can still catch the Radio broadcast for a few more days. Video’s will come later Oooow and my NEW 1mm monster thick Bren Haze plectrums coming to you all to steal hehe
x Bren Haze x

From the BBC Sessions October 2013
Photo Copyright Mike Davis Photography 2013