Bren News and maybe a Debut album in the wings ;)

Well as I’m in England for a while I ended up chatting to long term friend & Producer Nick Beere (Justin Hawkins of The Darkness) about ideas and studio time for some ideas I’ve been mulling over for a while now.

It started off with contemplating dates about laying down 2 specific special tracks and possibly a couple of ideas that I had for various artists/friends for a long time but never actually pursued.

However everyone I spoke to was so excited and keen with such passion and enthusiasm that it gathered its own pace and as such turned into a 12-14 track very diverse debut Bren album  :)

It will be a mix of Acoustic, dirty and light rock tracks, an instrumental with a Massive Attack Teardrop type vocal line, I am also now co-writing a duet song I had as an idea giving a women/man’s perspective type song.
As well as a couple of nice male & female duet/harmony style tracks I’ve been writing.  I have also now dug up 1 or 2 classics that I only had old rough live recordings for of which I will now record with some very special people!

I will reveal the tracks and details as they take shape and the truly talented artists, musicians and inspiring people that I will lucky enough to be working, co-writing, playing and singing with!
AND YES! as requested many times, hehe  :-)  Set Free (below) will be finally recorded properly and on the new album!!


So with fire in my heart and the one and only lady by my side! (my dog Nushka! hehe) I now have full on album project to plan, write, record, release and see what that may bring to the live arena :)

I will keep you all posted on any news and if course some cheeky snippets on my Facebook page!.

Thank you for stopping by.