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It’s now exactly 2 years since Bren came back to the UK deciding to follow his passion in music again, and 1 year since he recorded his debut album Set Free” and performed his first proper solo gig back in May 2014!  What a whirlwind the last year has been!

Bren is fresh out of the studio after 2 weeks to recording his 2nd album Step Out Of The Haze“, which launched: 18th April digitally on iTUNES / 24th April – CD Edition.
Bren’s 2nd album is being extremely well received with “Hypnotise” & “Song Number 2″ being played regularly on radio stations across the UK.
Watch the promo video at the bottom of this page and for details, sound clips / how to buy on the CD or download,  click here.
There are exciting interviews/press releases coming soon! So stay tuned to: 
Bren’s Facebook Page

Gigs and Shows!

Bren is very excited to have been confirmed to play 6 Festivals so far this year. Including a very special Invite from the BBC to play a set at LakeFest Festival in August! Announced on air 9th May on BBC Introducing.

Since coming out of the studio Bren has been busy rehearsing and putting together various sets including the special 90 minute show, still using two guitars live during each song.
The new 90 minute shows kick off Sat 23rd (Ludlow) & Sat 30th May (Great Malvern), Fri 12th June (Hereford); Visit the Gig Page here for details of all Gigs & Festivals etc.

Bren has also been booked privately to play a few sets, which is always great fun.  If you are interested in booking Bren please click here..

The promo video below was put together using footage shot in the studio and the video for Hypnotise also features Bren’s Alaskan Malamute “Nushka” who is gaining her own following.