January News & Happy Birthday Nushka! My Alaskan Malamute

Quarter 1 news so far!

  • An amazing day with Kate Justice on her show at the BBC studio’s January 30th.
    Click here to listen to the to back-to-back interview
  • Proud to say I now have over Five Thousand Facebook followers! wow!
  • Good news on my hand.  The scans confirmed that my hand is healing! and responding well to treatment & on track to a full recovery April/May.
  • I’ve been taking the out time to write and rehearse for the studio sessions in March
    I’ve put up a couple of sneaky clips to my Facebook Page:) so be sure to “Like” my page and stay up to date with clips/news.

  • Festival dates & shows are being finalised and announced and added to my Calender
  • My Alaskan Malamute dog (and ickle rock) Nushka turned 11 Sunday 1st Feb!!!
    I know many malamutes have not been so lucky in life due to people buying a malamute puppy without researching and not knowing what they are taking on or how to look after such a beautiful & unique breed, as such many end up in care.
  • So, I wanted to bring to light (in no order) two totally separate organisations (not linked) that I personally hold highly & would love to help where I can.

Firstly: Alaskan Malamute UK Rescue.

Their mission is simple:
Dedicated to finding new homes for homeless Malamutes (KC registered Mals)
Offering assistance to Malamute owners who are experiencing problems but have no wish to re-home.

An affiliate of the Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom (AMCUK) and is run by its members on a non-profit making basis, relying on donations and fund-raising to continue.

Secondly: Malamute Matters:

They help all breeds and their aim is to provide financial aid and support to alleviate the strain on dog rescues globally and to assist individual rescue dogs in need S,H,A,R,E, SSDR & EMLR. They also run various events and appeals. 100% of profit made on shop sales is donated to dog rescues and emergency cases.

So, please show your support & anyone interested in owning a malamute to research & learn about the breed, chat to Malamute owners first, like me!

 Thank you again for your support, eyes and ears :)
Bren x