I WILL be performing at the Birmingham NEC Semi Finals – Sat 22nd November!


So yes! I will be performing at the Birmingham NEC Semi Finals – Sat 22nd November!
After much physiotherapy, Ibuprofen gel, pain control and frustration!! :) I’ve been given a ‘conditional‘ green light to play the Semi Finals at the Open Mic UK although my hand will be taped up like Michael Jackson “heehee” and I’ll only be playing a limited sound check/and of course my short main performance! 
I will then have a follow up again with the private specialist Monday 24th Nov.

NEC Tickets:
You can still get tickets from me (message me on facebook) or on the door on the evening.  The over 21 s
how starts at 7:30pm, I’ll be at Concourse Suites 1 & 2 (North 2-11 then via Atrium 2 entrance).
It will be filmed again :) and photographed. Woop Woop!! 
Successful acts will go through to the “Open Mic UK ” final at the O2″ And as before one Wildcard act can saved by votes as per last time.

Well firstly I am very happy that in just 3 weeks of launching “Colours” on iTUNES I’ve had over 1k plays and 5 songs played on national radio in one day! amongst other very much appreciated radio play for “Snow Globe”, “And You Know” and “To The Moon & Back Again”, “Push Away and “Let Her Go” from Swindon FM, BRFM, NCCR and on the BBC’s Mark Forrest show and BBC’s Andrew Marston show following Andy O’Hare’s (also from the BBC)  awesome comments/review of my last gig below.
““The Amazing talent Bren haze. The Wiltshire ex-pat has been very busy lately wooing a whole new bunch of fans with great new numbers
like “Colours” and “To the moon and back”.  “It’s totally heart warming to see such a unique talent play a complete set of original numbers and still keep a fickle audience entertained. definitely the mark of quality.””

Social Media!
My Facebook page is still doing well with almost 2k followers now.  And within 6 hours of going live on Fandalism.com/brenhaze i had a staggering 2,300 views with 5 songs featuring in the top ten what’s hot list! 

Music Video:
I am looking into shooting a proper video for colours to add to my “YouTube Channel” and looking at various creative people who could support and work with me on this.

I am still very excited to play the big Mick Ralph’s (Mott The Hoople/Bad Company) gig on
12th December at The Jailhouse Hereford.
I am waiting for my hand to fully recover before taking any more bookings this year.  I am very keen to do “An Evening with Bren” when ready and looking at several venues who maybe interested in hosting one or two.
I am taking bookings for 2105!
I’ve confirmed 2 festivals so far and waiting dates on a few other headline gigs ;) details to follow :))
Feel free to suggest me to your local venues/festivals ;)) I am really hoping to play SherstonFest (now called Boondocks Festival) as it’s my home village HOWEVER 
They are currently raising funds in order for this great festival to go ahead so please please show your support (details here: http://www.theboondocksfestival.co.uk/) and let’s hope they reach their target and I get to play my local festival ;)

Iain’s Chain:
I have been invited to play the awesome ‘SavFest’ on 12th September in Leicester as part of the great work of http://www.ianschain.co.uk.
A very moving foundation set up to help those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Please visit this site and show your support.

More news soon, thank you again for your help and support
Bren & Nushka dog