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September News: Supporting Mick Ralphs (Bad Co./Mott The Hoople)

September News:

I have been gratefully asked to do a support slot December 12th supporting Mick Ralphs from Bad Company/Mott The Hoople!!!

“He formed Bad Company with Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke and the much-mourned Boz Burrell. If any band was the blues rock blueprint, it was Bad Co.” “He’s still in Mott The Hoople and Bad Company. And, in between sold-out world tours, he explores his blues and R&B roots – kids that’s PROPER R&B, not that weird throat-warbling stuff ;-) – with the Mick Ralphs Blues Band.

More news!



Thank you again for your loyal and continuing support.


  • Saturday 8th November – SWINDON – PM – Swindon (GW Showcase) – Details to follow

Lots Happening in Bren Haze’s Camp!

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I’ve been lucky to have quiet a bit of regular Radio play from BBC Hereford & Worcester also Susy Radio.
This week Swindon 105.5fm played “Push Away” and quoted me as “a great guitarist!” and invited me down to do a live session in September. Wahoow :)

I’ve been confirmed as the Headline act for the Burghill Summer Festival in Hereford.

More gigs confirmed for: Ross-On-Wye, Swindon, Bristol, Burghill, Hereford etc.

Two more charity events coming up for St Michael’s Hospice (cancer support, also being filmed!) and a special slot performing at the Benefit Gig for Gaza in Hereford.

Auditions also booked at the NEC Birmingham and in Bristol.

A sneaky video peak at a new song has been added to Facebook and a studio version of another track!! ;)

The photo below is from the fantastic gig at The Jailhouse in Hereford as part of the Hereford Live Events


A couple more photo’s courtesy of Amy Gill from the very successful gig at the Down On The Farm Festival in July.


This one was from the recent Bristol gig in July. Thanks Anne Morrison!!

9/10 Album Review from Flicky Harrison! :) See the “full review” in page.

Two more well respected music journalists have now reviewed my album :)

Flicky gave it 9/10 !! wahoow!

Her review below (link here):

Set Free by Bren Haze

“The title track, Set Free, sums up the theme of this album with its poignant sadness tinged with a sense of beauty, and yet full of hope for the future and belief in gold at the end of a rainbow. The track is essentially a break-up song but without any dark bitterness.

The album is a real grower that gives more every time you hear it with each song based on a strong and memorable tune.

Inside Me is a gentle song, more singer/songwriter style than the raging rock god that we find in Faith.

All Brendan Haze’s songs are a mix of exciting, on the edge of danger rock guitar mixed with softer storytelling, They are musical poems of hope and new beginnings through adversity or sorrow.

Snow Globe has some pretty, stripped-down guitar that suddenly bursts its banks into a river of ragged rock and orchestral crescendo.

Shining Like The Sun has a Spanish flavour, it is a sunny, radiant song of a summer love that actually does last for ever.

Kings and Queens, reflects its title as it begins with courtly ceremony in a dark melody based on heavy chord piano. The regal purple pomp then gives way to the magical guitar flow of the chorus.

Brendan produces meticulously crafted melodies, he is a songwriter with a voice that woos the senses.

Push Away brings on some crashing blues guitar and One Year From Now treads a simple melodic line, before it too combusts into rock anthem mode.

What Will Be brings a strong finish to a rock album with heart. – 9/10 Flicky Harrison”


Dave Franklin also gave a solid honest review below (link here):

“I first met the man who records under the name Haze (Brendan to his friends) many years ago when he was the part of The Unforeseen, a band very much from the classic rock mould and where he showed that he was equally at home firing off high octane rock riffs as he was following delicate acoustic lines. And it is those twin abilities that very much inform this new album. Set Free is a collection of twelve songs that manage to blend subtlety with drive, power with restraint, soaring electric playing with gently picked acoustics. Although the full on rock and roll power plays largely take a back seat to cleverer arrangements, this is no folksy troubadour, the songs are fleshed out with the usual range of contemporary band sounds and when the foot needs to go on the pedal, Haze is just the man for the job.

But for the most part the play off between the accessibility of pop melody and the dynamic of the rock tradition creates a wonderful middle ground and often has me thinking of bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls and in fact there is many a song here that could easily be the play out sound track to the latest Hollywood Rom-Drama.

If there is one criticism it is that the sentimentality that runs through the songs is a bit obvious, but you have to sing from the heart and if that is what naturally flows then who am I to cast the first stone and even if I am correct once you get past titles such as Shining Like The Sun and Blanket of Love (come on Bren!) the exquisite Spanish classical meets rock balladeer guitar work is more than enough to save the day.

Essentially, it’s not an album that will bring about the next revolution, but then how many are and if you are just after a collection of well crafted, mid-tempo acoustic driven songs, you could certainly do a lot worse than pick up this album.”



Click the image below for details on how to Buy The Album!
It is available on CD for £6.50 and comes with a free Bren Haze Guitar Pick!
Alternatively you can download the digital album from one of the stores below (prices vary).

Bren Haze Set Free CD Set


Cool gig at RiffStock Festival!

Thanks to all at Riffs Bar and what a great start it was to RiffStock Festival!

I sold a modest £40 worth of CDs on the night and gave it to the RiffStock very well chosen charity of choice “Goldenhar“.
For more info see: or their dontaion page here or contact Alan Holmes

It was worth the long ol’ drive down to Swindon and an honour to share the stage with some upcoming and established artists (links below, check them out!):
Ben Maggs, Jimmy Moore, Shaun Buswell and Emily-Jane Sheppard

I played my new 30 minute set with full backing and after my last song gratefully did an encore :) Step Out Of The Haze :-)

I’ll be back at Riffs bar again soon ;) and thank you again for all the support. Shout out to Brian, Andy and Tiggy (lovely chicken nom nom).

For my next bookings/info etc, please refer to my facebook page

Bren Haze Riffs May 2014

Bren Haze RiffStock











Bren Haze Riffstock 2014













Bren Haze Riffs Bar

First Gig with full backing! Great gig! More Dates added!

Thank you to everyone who came to support me and wished me luck, I had an awesome gig!!

What a cool audience! Super happy!! This was my first gig with full backing and it sounded just great!!!!

I’ve been offered and confirmed the following dates below, however I am still taking bookings, so please follow my Facebook page for up to date info and/or to contact me.

I’ve been getting a lot of nice messages asking to play nearby across the UK, sooooo. If you’d like to book me for a private gig, play your local venue / open mike night or event / festival please drop me a note with the details..

Thanks for all the messages/support and to Kirsty at Kirsty Pye Photography for some amazing photo’s from the April 25th gig!


Photo courtesy of Kirsty Pye Photography

Photo courtesy of Kirsty Pye Photography:

More Vids from my New Album “Set Free”

3 tracks now live from my soon to be released album “Set Free”! Two more FULL TRACKS have been added: “Kings and Queens” and “Faith” are now also available on YouTube along with “Let Her Go”.
Listen to the two new tracks above.

You will soon as promised (for a limited period) be able to listen to the whole album free, before it is then available through iTunes etc.

Thank you to BBC Hereford and Worcester for playing “Kings and Queens” on air last week :-)

Enjoy :)


“Let Her Go..” First track from my New Album “Set Free”

The First FULL TRACK: “Let Her Go..” is now available on YouTube to listen to.
From my NEW album “Set Free”

I will share soon for a limited period of time the album for free, so you can all listen before its then available through iTunes etc.

I hope you enjoy :)


A huge thanks to Nick B at Mooncalf Studio for all his hard work and many hours to make this album possible.


DEBUT ALBUM CONFIRMED! Recording starts 3rd February!!!

Exciting news people!

On the 3rd February I go into Mooncalf Studio’s for 2 weeks solid to start recording my debut album with Producer Nick Beere (Justin Hawkins – The Darkness).

I have worked with Nick in the past on a few projects:
Shining Like The Sun : My very 1st Acoustic Solo venture in 2010
Apocalypse : My last band ‘The Unforeseen’
Special US Demo : One of my very 1st bands! ‘Live–Wire’

So I am naturally excited to be working with him again on my first real Bren album!
I will be taking 8 specific guitars to use/record with alongside my main 3 trusty amps as well as Nick’s Aladdin’s cave of sounds and equipment.

I’ll attempt a video diary or at least a few clips and photos to share with you all as it progresses over the 2 weeks, so stay tuned to my Facebook Page for that!

Thank you again for your support

Bren :-)

Bren Step Out Of The Haze

Photo copy-write Puttyfoot / Darren & Lisa Celeman.

Happy New Year! January News!

Happy New Year All,

Hope everyone enjoyed the festive season and New Year Celebrations!

I ended up bringing the New Year in playing songs from the new album and a few oldies in Reading, UK with my dog Nushka in tow :-)
The new songs went down a storm! thank you :-)

The BBC are still playing Shining Like The Sun on a regular basis. Thank you!

I have uploaded this month a new video to my playlist of a new song called “Let Her Go” to show I am still Alive! writing and rehearsing.

Again thank you for all your support!

Bren x

BBC Live Set Aired :)

Well I had just under 100 people I know of who listened along with me from my Facebook to my BBC ickle Set being aired.
So thank you I was really touched. My phone was lighting up like a x-mas tree & I was very happy with how Faith and Snow Globe sounded live.
Thank you for so much support in my journey back to the music and the guitar again.. I take nothing for granted!!!

You can see the photo’s by clicking Mike Davis Photography here:

As you know I’m hard at it (in the studio! giggle) on my new album. Maybe my birthday I am very excited about how it is all shaping up! I never thought 8 months ago I’d be back in England, playing guitar again and recording an album and performing for the BBC.

I want to produce the best album, best live set and best performance we can give each songs. Stay tuned! You can still catch the Radio broadcast for a few more days. Video’s will come later Oooow and my NEW 1mm monster thick Bren Haze plectrums coming to you all to steal hehe
x Bren Haze x

From the BBC Sessions October 2013
Photo Copyright Mike Davis Photography 2013